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recent work

Newbury Boston Map
San Domenico site plan
Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Map
Hall and Associates
Brockville rail tunnel roundhouse illustration
Brockville rail tunnel restaurant illustration
Brockville rail tunnel cutaway illustration
Map of St. Petersburg
Dani Logo Design
Ontario Science Center illustration
Shark Ninja foodi Illustration brochure diagrams
Cooking Illustration
Davies Logo Design
Orlando Water Park Map
Sledding illustration
A boy and his microscope
Beattie Design
school site map
new school exterior
new school cut-a-way
new school aerial view illustration
Wills Banner
Map of Florence
Arena Illustration
Arena North View Illustration
Arena Lobby
Lanai Map
Davies Brand
running track illustration
Toronto Airport illustration
aqua boards
Ancient Coast Map
Artumas, Map
Bank Entrance Illustration
Box of Chocolates illustration
Hockey Rink Technical Illustraton
Soccer Dome Illustraton
Brockville Waterfront
Technical illustration of an engine filter
Technical illustration of a Humming Bird
Illustration of the Titanic
Textured map
Globe cover illustration
Hotspot Logo
Technical Ilustration - Invinty Vacuum
Snow Globe
South Pacific Map
Minto Tower Illustration
Technical Illustration of a rock drill
icon samples
Faiarmont Siteplan
Screwdriver and pliers
Brad Campbell Sales Business Card
technical Illustration, Tool

Interpreting complex ideas, rendering the narrative and clearly delivering the client’s vision is our long-standing goal.


As one of the first illustrators in Toronto to jump feet first into digital illustration back in the 1990s, Margo Davies-Leclair, Sheridan College graduate, has years of experience in the industry and the insight needed to consistently provide professional art and design for her clients. Her company, Visual Sense Illustrations, strives for quality when creating unique maps, innovative logos and detailed illustrations for their clients.

“We have been working with Margo and Visual Sense for almost 20 years. She has an amazing ability to interpret complex drawings in a clear and concise way. She is imaginative, thorough, and always delivers within the time frame requested. An invaluable partner whom we call upon daily to fulfill our clients’ needs."

Samantha Olivera
Partner, Director of Client Services, The Workhouse Inc., Toronto, Ontario

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